Park Projects

Parks and open space provide fun, safe areas for residents to be active and enjoy the outdoors. Research shows that every $1.00 invested in open space returns $4.00 in natural goods and services to the state economy.

Below is a list of park projects completed by or in partnership with the Department of Planning and Community Development. Many of these projects were financed or supported by state grants, Community Preservation funds, meals tax revenue, and the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program

    Beals Park (2021 -Conceptual Design Phase)


    Beals Park


    King Oak Hill Park (2018)
    • Pavilion and restroom building
    • Walking path with benches
    • Lighting, parking, plantings, and signage
    • Pedestrian and vehicular access 

    king oak hill park 

    Puritan Road Entrance - Great Esker Park (2018)
    • Natural-bottom culvert
    • Daylighted stream
    • Signage

    puritan road entrance

    Osprey Overlook Park (2017)
    • Hilltop overlook with benches
    • Walking paths
    • Parking and signage

    osprey overlook park

    Richard E. Gifford Playground (2016)
    • Playground
    • Parking, signage, and tables

    gifford playground

    James Humphrey Field (2016)
    • Baseball backstop
    • Benches, fencing, parking, and signage

    humphrey field

    Kibby Property (2016)
    • Walking paths
    • Benches and signage

    Kibby Property Sign

    James T. O'Sullivan Playground (2016)
    • Playground
    • Parking, seating, and signage
    • Retaining wall

    o'sullivan playground

    Birches Playground (2015)
    • Playground
    • Baseball backstop
    • Fencing, signage, and tables

    birches playground

    House Rock Park (2015)
    • Basketball court
    • Slide and swings
    • Fencing, signage, and tables

    house rock park

    Legion Memorial Field (2015)
    • Artificial turf field and sports lighting
    • Playground, tennis courts, and walking paths
    • Benches, restroom building, and seating
    • Wetland restoration

    legion field

    Stella Tirrell Park (2014)
    • Basketball court
    • Street hockey court
    • Fencing, parking, and signage

    stella tirrel park

    Bradford Hawes Park (2014-15)
    • Playground
    • Basketball court
    • Street hockey court
    • Walking path with benches
    • Fencing, lighting, signage, and tables 

    bradford hawes park

    Great Hill Park (2014)
    • Hilltop overlook with benches
    • Bollards and railings

    great hill park

    William E. Newell Playground (2011)
    • Play decks
    • Shade port
    • Parking, signage, and tables

    newell playground

    Herring Run Pool Park (2010)
    • Overlook with seating
    • Lighting, railings, and wall murals

    herring run pool park