School Building Committee

Maria Weston Chapman Middle School


Weymouth Town Hall
75 Middle Street
Weymouth, MA 02189
United States

Key Contacts

The Weymouth School Building Committee was formed by Mayor Hedlund in August, 2016 after the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) voted Weymouth into the Eligibility Period for the Maria Weston Chapman Middle School building project. 

Weymouth is working with the MSBA to determine the most cost effective and educationally appropriate preferred solution for the Chapman Middle School.

This webpage is managed by the Weymouth School Building Committee to keep the public informed about the project and process.

The role of the Weymouth School Building Committee includes:

  • Disseminating information about the Chapman Middle School building project to the community.
  • Promoting community outreach and encouraging public input throughout the process.
  • Providing the necessary information to the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) through all phases of the project.
  • Making thoughtful project decisions on a new or renovated Chapman Middle School.

The Massachusetts School Building Authority (“MSBA”) is a quasi-independent government authority created to reform the process of funding capital improvement projects in the Commonwealth’s public schools. The MSBA strives to work with local communities to create affordable, sustainable, and energy efficient schools across Massachusetts.

Committee Members

Name Title
Robert L. Hedlund Mayor
Dr. Jennifer Curtis-Whipple Superintendent of Schools
Lisa Belmarsh Member
Brian Connolly Member
Kathy Curran Member
Paul Duprey Member
Stephanie Hilbert Dwyer Member
Tom Eldridge Member
Sean Guilfoyle Vice Chairman
Lisa Jennings Member
Ted Langill Chairman
John MacLeod Member
Matthew Meehan Member
Michael Smart Member
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