NOAA Weather Radio

The Taunton office operates five NOAA Weather Radio transmitters across southern New England. These broadcast weather forecasts and provide current up to date weather information 24 hours per day. A radio that receives very high frequency (VIE) broadcasts is required to listen to NOAA Weather Radio broadcasts. Some receivers such as police scanners also include the “weather band.” Other special radios are made specifically for NOAA Weather Broadcasts.

Here is a list of the transmitters.

Main City Served Frequency Location of Transmitter
Boston, MA 162.475 Blue Hill, MA
Hartford, CT 162.475 Soapstone Mtn, North Somers, CT
Hyannis, MA 162.550 Camp Edwards, MA
Providence, RI 162.400 Johnston RI (WPRO tower)
Worcester, MA 162.550 Mt. Asnebumskit (Paxton)

By nature and design, NOAA Weather Radio coverage is limited to an area within 40 miles of the transmitter. The quality of what is heard is dictated by the distance from the transmitter, local terrain, and the quality and location of the receiver. In general, those on flat terrain or at sea, using a high quality receiver, can expect reliable reception far beyond 40 miles. Those living in cities surrounded by large buildings or in hilly areas may experience poor reception at considerably less than 40 miles.

Weekly Tests

Every Wednesday between 10 AM and Noon, Eastern Time, a test is conducted which tests the tone alert system. The test will not occur when severe weather is occurring or expected, and will be postponed to the first good weather day. This test provides a way to check the functioning of radio receiver alarms.

FIPS Codes for Radio Shack Weather Receivers

Radio Shack is selling new NOAA Weather Radio receivers. They require special codes so the receiver will send an alert when there is severe weather. Here is a list of the codes for each of the counties for which the Boston office forecasts.

Hartford 009003
Tolland 009013
Windham 009015
Rhode Island:
Bristol 044001
Kent 044003
Newport 044005
Providence 044007
Washington 044009
New Hampshire:
Cheshire 033005
Hillsboro 033011
Barnstable 025001
Bristol 025005
Dukes 025007
Essex 025009
Franklin 025011
Hampden 025013
Middlesex 025017
Norfolk 025021
Plymouth 025023
Suffolk 025025
Worcester 025027