Many state and federal grant programs offer funding assistance for local projects and services. Most grant programs are highly competitive and require grantees to “match” some portion or all of the funds that are awarded. Below is a list of grants received by the Town of Weymouth since FY2016.

Grant Program
Year  Awarded 
Funding Amount
Town Dept.
Project Description
Coastal Resilience Grant Program FY2017 $51,504 Public Works Puritan Road flood mitigation and ecological resilience 
Coastal Resilience Grant Program FY2018 $397,500 Public Works Puritan Road flood mitigation and ecological resilience 
Complete Streets Funding Program FY2017 $386,645 Planning Complete Streets infrastructure improvements
Complete Streets Funding Program FY2016 $46,088 Planning Complete Streets prioritization plan development
Community Compact Best Practices Program FY2016 $5,000 Mayor's Office Economic Development Self-Assessment Tool (EDSAT) anaylsis 
Dam and Seawall Repair or Removal Program FY2018 $1,685,887  Public Works Fore River Avenue Seawall Reconstruction
Dam and Seawall Repair or Removal Program FY2017 $150,000 Public Works Design of Great Pond Dam repairs
Electric Vehicle Incentive Program FY2017 $25,000 Mayor's Office Acquisition of electric vehicles and charging station
First Responder Naloxone Grant II FY2016 $13,957 Police Substance use education and prevention 
First Responder Naloxone Grant III FY2017 $4,187 Police Substance use education and prevention
Green Communities Designation and Grant Program FY2016 $277,635 Planning Municipal energy conservation measures 
Green Communities Designation and Grant Program FY2017 $250,000 Asset & Facilities Municipal energy conservation measures 
Library Services and Technology Act Innovative (LSTA) Grant FY2017 $21,375 Libraries All Aboard, Greenbush!: One Train, One Book
Massachusetts Public Library Construction Program FY2018 $12,085,184 Libraries Construction of a new main public library
MassWorks Infrastructure Program
Smelt Brook daylighting at Weymouth Landing 
Municipal Small Bridge Program FY2017 $500,000 Public Works Replacement of Commercial Street Bridge
Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) Program FY2017 $25,000 Planning Climate-change vulnerability assessment and resilience planning
Parkland Acquisition and Renovations for Communities (PARC) Program FY2017 $400,000 Planning Development of King Oak Hill Park
Rapid LED Streetlight Conversion Program FY2018 $249,382 Asset & Facilities Convert traditional streetlights to LED technology
Seaport Economic Council Capital Grant Program FY2017 $184,000 Planning Design and permitting of North Weymouth beach connection
SMRP Recycling Dividends Program FY2018 $31,500 Public Works Recycling programs
SMRP Recycling Dividends Program FY2017 $26,000 Public Works Recycling programs
Student Awareness of Fire Education (SAFE) and Senior SAFE Programs FY2017 $10,139 Fire Fire and life safety education programs
Youth Opioid Prevention Grant Program FY2017 $13,240 Police D.A.R.E. program in Weymouth Middle Schools