Community Compact


A Community Compact is a voluntary, mutual agreement entered into between the Commonwealth and an individual city or town.

In a Community Compact, a community agrees to implement one or more best practices that they select from across a variety of areas, and the Commonwealth agrees to provide technical assistance in support of the community’s chosen best practices.

Find Weymouth’s Community Compact here.

Chosen Best Practices

Learn more about the Town's chosen best practices and associated reports below.

Financial Management Best Practice: Review and evaluate the municipality’s Financial Management Structure to ensure that the structure and reporting relationships of its offices support accountability and a cohesive financial team process.

Financial Management Best Practice: Develop, document, and implement Financial Policies and Practices including reserve levels, capital financing, and use of Free Cash. 

Competitiveness Best Practice: Engage in an Economic Development Self-Assessment exercise to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas of opportunity.