Phone Numbers

List of useful phone numbers
Always dial 911 in the event of a fire, police, or medical emergency.
The following list of phone numbers has been assembled for the convenience of residents based on public information. It is not meant to be an exhaustive phone directory. Nor does the mention of any organization constitute an endorsement by the Town. All information was deemed accurate at the time of publication but is subject to change without the Town's knowledge. To request any updates in information, please contact the Mayor's office at (781) 340-5012 or email
Animal Control 781-335-1212
Assessor's Office 781-682-3852
Building Inspectors & Permits 781-340-5004
Conservation 781-340-5007
DPW (Public Works) 781-337-5100
Elder Services 781-682-6140
EZ Disposal 781-233-2211
Gas Leaks 800-233-5325
Food Pantry 781-331-7682
Health Department 781-340-5008
Housing Authority 781-331-2323
Libraries 781-337-1402
Mayor's Office 781-340-5012
Mayor's Emergency Hotline 800-297-5733
Planning Office 781-340-5015
Pond Meadow Park 781-843-7663
Power Outages 800-465-1212
Recreation 781-682-6124
Schools Administration Building 781-335-1460
Teen Center 781-335-9713
Town Clerk's Office 781-340-5017
Town Council's Office 781-340-5020
Trash & Recycling 781-233-2211
Veterans' Services 781-340-2405
Water & Sewer 781-337-5100
Whipple Senior Center 781-682-6140
Youth & Family Services 781-331-1719