hoopla FAQ

Getting Started With hoopla Streaming Media

You'll need a few things to use streaming media:

  • Your library card and PIN. (OCLN is the default PIN)
  • One of these supported web browsers or mobile devices:
    • Internet Explorer 8 or higher
    • Firefox version 8 or higher
    • Google Chrome
    • Safari
    • Device with iOS 6 or higher
    • Device with Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or higher
  • A hoopla account. This requires an email address.
  • An app for your mobile device or add-on for your browser. You'll be prompted to install the browser add-on if when you play your first title on your computer. If you're using a supported mobile device, you can download the hoopla app from the appropriate app store.


Hoopla Frequently Asked Questions


How many titles may I check out?

You may check out 8 titles in a calendar month. Although you may return titles early, doing so will not allow you to stream more than 8 titles per month. One check out consists of any of these items:

  • A movie
  • A television episode
  • A music album
  • An audiobook


How long is the borrowing period?

The borrowing period depends on what you've borrowed.

  • Movies and televisions episodes circulate for 3 days.
  • A music album circulates for 7 days.
  • An audio book circulates for 21 days.
  • Items will check back in automatically at the end of the borrowing period, so you'll never have overdue hoopla items.


Will I have to wait in a hold queue for popular titles?

No. All titles are available all the time so you will not be required to wait until someone else finished a title before you can check it out.


Can I watch/listen to Hoopla on library computers?

Not at the moment.



Do I need to be connected to the internet to watch or listen to my checked out titles?

Generally speaking, yes. Most content is streamed live over an internet connection. Be aware of this if you are streaming over a 3G/4G mobile data connection and have a limited data plan.

Some titles may be downloaded for offline viewing. Availability of this feature is based on studio or publisher restrictions. Titles may only be downloaded on iOS or Android devices using the Hoopla app.



How do I install the browser add-on?

The Widevine installation varies depending on the browser you are using. Here are installation manuals for Internet Explorer 8, Internet Explorer 10, Chrome, and Firefox.



When does the daily lending period end?

hoopla's lending day ends at 7:00 PM Eastern. This time is the cutoff for lending for the day as well as the month. On the last day of the month, the new month beings at 7:01 PM Eastern Time, and will reset your circulation limit for the new month.