The Healthy Wey Coalition has been working since 2006 to address and improve wellness for the community and Weymouth residents. Building upon the initial work, in 2009, Weymouth become one of the first Massachusetts “Mass in Motion” communities funded by the state to promote healthy and active lifestyles. Interventions focus on reducing health disparities and inequities, increasing healthy food access, and promoting healthy and safe environments for physical activity and multi-use.  

The mission of Healthy Wey/Mass in Motion (MIM) is to create a healthier Weymouth through policy and system change to promote healthy and active lifestyles. Linking individuals, neighborhoods, workplaces, municipal departments and community groups ensures a community where members of all ages and socioeconomic status have the tools and knowledge necessary to live healthy, happy lives.

Through continued Mass in Motion grant funding (Y11) as well as public and private funding sources, policy and systems changes are creating sustainable best practices for wellness promotion and healthier environments in Weymouth. Recent focus has worked to expand outreach to our diverse and aging population and has grown partnerships among Town departments and community organizations.

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