Healthy Wey’s Mission & Vision

Our Vision
The Healthy Wey Team envisions a healthy Weymouth where people of all ages and economic status value health and wellness and gain the necessary tools to ensure their success.

Our Mission
To link individuals, neighborhoods, workplaces and community groups to create a healthier Weymouth.

Short Term Goals

  • Develop a list of stakeholders
  • Develop an inventory of what resources and assets already exist

Long Term Goals

  • Increase volunteerism, funding and partnerships for common health goals
  • Increase community awareness and communication
    1. Establish infrastructure to assure that the Healthy Wey Team may successfully advance its mission and vision
    2. Improve Partnerships and collaboration between community group
    3. Improve communication between the Health Department, Schools, Wellness Groups/Stakeholders and the community.
    4. Develop an evaluation plan to interpret efforts and report to town annually.

Goal #1
Establish a Weymouth Wellness Resource Network among community groups to increase partnerships for common health goals and support the efforts of the Healthy Wey Team

Goal # 2
Increase awareness of resources and improve communication within our community to optimize the health related programs already in place and foster the development of future campaigns.

Healthy Community Principles 

  • Broad definition of health
  • Broad definition of community
  • Shared vision and values
  • Quality of life for everyone
  • Diverse resident participation & widespread community ownership
  • Invested in youth leadership & development
  • Focus on “system change”
  • Capacity building using local assets and resources
  • Benchmark & measure process and outcomes

Healthy Wey History

Steering Committee Bios