Town of Weymouth Ongoing Parcel and Property Inspections Beginning November 29, 2023

The Weymouth Assessors’ Office, in accordance with Massachusetts General Law Chapter 59, §39 which states all municipalities in the Commonwealth are required to assess all real and personal property at "full and fair cash value." To achieve this, the Department of Revenue mandates that each municipality do a full data collection at each of its parcels at least once every ten years.

Weymouth is in the process of doing cyclical inspections of real estate properties throughout the town, as well as inspections for building permits. The inspections are being done during the next few months with inspectors going door-to-door throughout neighborhoods to do inspections of both the interior and exterior of properties. As part of the inspection process the Representative will be measuring the buildings and taking exterior photos. Inspections of the interior of the property will not be done unless a person age 18 or older is present. If no one is available for the interior inspection the resident can call the assessor’s office to set up an appointment.

In addition to meeting state requirements, the objective of this project is to assure the accuracy of the Town’s assessing data. The Board of Assessors has hired pk Valuation Group to conduct the inspections. Representatives from the company will be carrying a photo ID, a letter of introduction from the Assessors, and their vehicles will be registered at the Police Department.

The Board of Assessors urges the public to be cooperative with the inspector and understand that by assuring the accuracy of assessing information, the Town will ensure that every homeowner pays only his or her fair share in taxes. Realtors, appraisers and banks also use our data.  By making sure the Assessors’ Office has accurate information, you are also helping yourself.

Please contact the Assessor’s Office at 781-682-3677 if you have any questions or concerns.