Recycle Cooking Oil

Recycle Cooking Oil!

You can recycle cooking oil at DPW in any household quantity.

Residents may recycle cooking oil with the following guidelines:

  • Place used cooking oil in a plastic, metal or glass container and secure the lid.
  • Do not contaminate used oil by mixing with other fluids.
  • Do not place oil in the mixed recycling container.
  • Bring the container to DPW during business hours if you want your container back or label it as cooking oil and leave at the recycle center

All too often cooking oil, deep-frying oil, fats, and grease are improperly disposed of by washing oil down the plumbing or by dumping it down the storm drain system. Improperly disposing of leftover frying oil can cause property damage, health hazards and environmental problems. Over time, oil and grease rinsed down the plumbing system builds up and eventually blocks the entire pipe, causing sewer back ups. As sewer pipes back up, sewage and food particles that accumulate can attract insects and other vermin and will create a potential health hazard. Clogged sewers will also lead to overflows. As sewage overflows onto the streets, it enters the storm drain system, where it is then carried straight into our local creeks and streams without any treatment. Polluted storm water runoff leads to costly maintenance and clean-up and could result in severe fines from state and federal regulatory agencies.

Oil does not belong in the trash or the sewer system. It creates problems. Besides, for every gallon of oil that is recycled, the U.S saves nearly the same amount of imported petroleum. Be good. Be clean. Be green.