Community Assistance

WYFS provides year-round emergency assistance to needy families in Weymouth. Food, clothing and shelter needs are addressed largely through the generous donations received during the Mayor's annual holiday giving event. This traditional event is a time in which the whole community bonds together, disregarding social, cultural, religious and economic differences, for the betterment of its most fragile members. Contact Kathy Collins at Youth and Family Services (781) 331-1719.

College Interns

WYFS serves as an internship site for several colleges offering Bachelor and Associate Degree programs, thus augmenting our services at no cost to the town.


Volunteers of all ages make a significant contribution to the work of our office. WYFS encourages all Weymouth residents to consider volunteering their time and talents.

​Weymouth Youth and Family Services Teen Center

​The Weymouth Youth and Family Services Teen Center provides a casual, safe, supervised space for young people to interact, develop skills, and grow into responsible adults. The programs offered after school and on weekends help educate teenagers both mentally and emotionally, with an emphasis on teamwork and engagement in society.

​Work Force Development Program

​With the help of a state grant, The Youth Workforce Development Program (YWDP) is a local initative that will coordinate job placement and skills development measures to provide working-age teens (15-19 years of age) with the experience and skills they require to be successful in the pursuit of future career goals.
YWDP will consist of 19 teen participants (ages 15-19) who regualy patronize the Weymouth Teen Center. Participants will be selected based on need as well as potential for personal growth. The Program will consist of three complementary components designed to facilitate youth development in the following categories: (1) employment, (2) education, and (3) finances.
With its three components, YWDP is intended to be an integrated and coordinated social inititive that not only equips Weymouth teens with the experience and skills desired of college students and permanent employees, but also prepares them for future sucess in the management of new educational and career responsibilities. While teens are developing prefessional job experience and work skills, they'll also have access to critical tools for remedial education and college preparation, not to mention financial knowlege and services for managing income and spending. In other words, with access to new opportunities and resources, teens who participate in YWDP will experience the value of meaningful employment while also learning how to pursue successful careers in the future.