Licensing Process

  1. Questions may be addressed through Lisa VanWinkle, Administrative Assistant, Department of Municipal Licenses & Inspections, Weymouth Town Hall, 75 Middle Street, Weymouth, MA or by calling (781) 340-5004 or (781) 682-3611. Applications are also available at the Department of Municipal Licenses & Inspections.
  2. Once discussed for location suitability, the applicant would submit a complete application to the Department, including plans and other applicable documents.
  3. After a review of the application, a hearing date wouldl be scheduled before the Board of Licensing Commissioners. If applicable, an abutter’s list and legal notice would be provided to the applicant and the applicant must comply with application procedures and requirements.
  4. A departmental referral form would then be sent to the Building, Health, Municipal Finance, Fire and Police Departments on the proposal for a response prior to the hearing date.
  5. After Board of Licensing Commissioners approval, it would be subject to an application for a Certificate of Occupancy. Applicant would be responsible to set up inspections with the Building, Health and Fire Departments. A application for a Business Certificate would be required as well. After satisfactory inspections are complete, applicant would be required to pay applicable license fee(s) and pick up license(s). Licenses are required to be posted in a conspicuous area on premise in view of the public.
  6. If the application is for an Alcoholic Beverage License or Sunday Entertainment License and the application has been approved by the Board of Licensing Commissioners it would be forwarded to the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission (A.B.C.C.) and the Department of Public Safety for their approval. Once the approval has been received, the applicant would be contacted to pay applicable license fee(s) and arrange to pick up the license(s).
  7. License renewals are subject to the review of the Board of Licensing Commissioners annually.