Department of Municipal Licenses and Inspections

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Municipal Licenses and Inspections is to ensure that the built environment within the Town of Weymouth is a safe place for citizens to live, work, do business, learn, worship and be entertained.

  • This is ensured by adequate enforcement of, and inspection for, compliance with all State and Local Rules and Regulations regarding construction, occupancy and licensing. 
  • Service is our primary function, and to that end we try to help every applicant do what they want to do within all the Codes, Ordinances, Rules and Regulations that we are charged with enforcing and to ensure that any citizen affected is adequately protected.

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Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Jeffrey E. Richards, C.B.O. Director
Thomas F. Barry Building Inspector
Richard J. Ziegler Building Inspector, Sealer of Weights & Measures
Kevin J. Bulman Inspector of Wires
Richard Stetson Inspector of Plumbing & Gas
Robert Tierney Deputy Plumbing & Gas Inspector
Lisa VanWinkle Administrative Assistant
Michelle Dutton Principal Clerk
Judy Foley Clerk