How do I find out which Town Councilor represents my district?

The Town of Weymouth has a site entitled "Property Viewer" that is located on the main page.  The Property Viewer is a useful tool as it provides important information such as: rubbish schedule, property tax information, schools located in your district and who your District Councilor is.  This site can be accessed directly by clicking on the below link:

Instructions for locating your District Councilor on Property viewer:

Click on "enter site." Here you will provide both your house number and street name. Then click on "search."

You will see that a new screen appears with the property owner's name.   Click on "click here" located on the far right of the screen.

The next screen provides the aforementioned information.  On this screen you will see information entitled, "Legislative District." There are six districts in Weymouth and each district has a Councilor assigned to it.  Find the Legislative District number assigned to your street and then click below to see which Councilor has that district.          

Councilor Directory 2020