Columbian Square Improvement Project

Columbian Square Improvements Project Rendering

Announcing the Columbian Square Cornerstones Campaign!

Weymouth’s Mayor Robert Hedlund and the Weymouth Planning & Community Development Department recognize that businesses located within the Columbian Square Improvement Project work zone have special needs, especially post-pandemic. We realize these are challenging times for local businesses, and we want to assist you in highlighting your services. We are launching the #ColumbianSqCornerstones campaign to encourage community members to continue to support our local entrepreneurs and attract new customers through social media’s broad reach. Buying local helps to make our community stronger, benefiting neighbors in a network of economic and social relationships.

We want to showcase your business and the services that you provide as part of the Columbian Square Improvement Project. To build a strong campaign, your participation is necessary. If you would like to participate, please follow this link to learn more.

Columbian Square Cornerstone

Stay connected! 

Have questions or concerns, feel free to contact us. Our team is available to assist you Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM, email us at or call us at (800) 365-1635.

1-19-2022 Columbian Square CBSA Meeting

On Wednesday, January 19, 2022, a meeting was held with the Columbian Square Business Association (CSBA) to discuss the big changes on the horizon for Columbian Square. The video of the presentation is now available by clicking on this link or the image below.

CSBA Meeting Video link

12-13-2021 Columbian Square Virtual Zoom Webinar Meeting

On Monday, December 13, 2021, we hosted a Zoom webinar to provide the public with more information and help answer questions. Did you miss the meeting? You can watch the presentation and Q&A session with the project team by clicking on the image below.

December 13th Virtual Meeting (Facebook link)

12-7-2021 Columbian Square Neighborhood Meeting

Watch WETC's recording of the Columbian Square December 7th Neighborhood Meeting by clicking on the image below or by visiting this link: 

Columbian Square WETC Video

Project Overview

The Town of Weymouth is working with Green International Affiliates, Inc. to improve the safety of pedestrians and vehicular traffic movements through Columbian Square; as well as to create a vibrant, walkable atmosphere spurring commerce within the historic village center. Mayor Hedlund has committed  American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds awarded to the Town of Weymouth for the completion of this project.

The improvements include:

  • Expanded sidewalk areas at each corner of the intersection of Pleasant Street with Columbian Street and Union Street as well as expanded sidewalk areas at the intersection of Pleasant Street with Chauncy Street. These expanded sidewalk areas will be complete with:
    • Brick pavers
    • Planting beds
    • Trees
    • Pedestrian lighting
    • Benches

Further improvements will address the safety concerns of the area. These improvements include:

  • Pedestrian crossings that meet ADA guidelines at every crossing location.
  • Signalizing the intersections of Pleasant Street with Columbian Street and Union Street for streamlined traffic flows.
  • Maintaining some turn lanes and on-street parking but with an overall design that will control speeds of the approaching vehicles.

Our team is hosting a series of public engagement workshops to provide community members with insight into the project, introduce the project team, and address questions or concerns. Our plan is to provide a functional, yet beautiful square that will enhance connectivity, safety, and commerce within the area.

Project Schedule

  • Design to be complete in the late winter of 2022.
  • Procurement is anticipated to take place in the early spring of 2022.
  • Construction is expected to begin in the late spring/early summer of 2022 and continue through much of 2023.

Project History

Columbian Square is one of the four major village centers within Weymouth. The historic Columbian Square village center is formed by the intersection of Pleasant Street with Columbian Street and Union Street. Historically, it is a major area of activity anchored by the Cameo Theater, Fogg Library, and a variety of businesses. The South Shore Hospital, while fronting Main Street, its emergency room and outpatient care services are predominantly accessed via Columbian Street.

Currently, the intersection of Pleasant Street with Columbian Street and Union Street causes confusion with respect to vehicle movements and requires long pedestrian crossings. The intersection operates poorly during both the morning and evening peak periods with long side street delays and high vehicle speeds along Pleasant Street. It is difficult for pedestrians to navigate and it has a high crash rate. Most of the sidewalk corners are not ADA compliant as the ramps do not meet the standard grades or are non-existent, and detector panels are not present. 

Columbian Square Preliminary Photo Columbian Square Preliminary Photo

The current design of this project builds from the historical studies and past attempts at an improvement project to develop an improvement plan that could not only improve safety, but also meet the needs of the residents and visitors, and be acceptable to the active business community.

An extensive outreach effort with an advisory committee, including several workshops with residents, businesses, and property owners led to a balanced $7 million improvement plan. The plan’s goal is to provide for a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment designed to enhance the vibrancy of the Square, improve its walkability and protect this important Town asset for the foreseeable future. The project is advancing through the design phase, it is anticipated to enter the procurement phase in the late winter/early spring with construction anticipated to begin in the late spring/summer of 2022.