Certificate of Occupancy Testing and Acceptance

For building construction completion relative to Fire Protection

Certificate of Occupancy Testing and Acceptance Criteria

The following list is made to show specifically what documentation the Weymouth Fire Department will require for the acceptance of fire protection systems. This list is made to be as complete as possible; however, it is not all inclusive. The Weymouth Fire Department reserves the right to request additional information if deemed necessary. Furthermore, it may be necessary for a Fire Department representative to be present during the testing phase of equipment acceptance. This will be determined on a case by case basis unless otherwise noted. The following information must be submitted directly to the Weymouth Fire Department before any Certificate of Occupancy will be issued by the Building Official. Documents may be electronically submitted.  

  1. Building Department Permits to Install Fire Alarm and Fire Protective Systems (Sprinklers, Standpipes, Fire Pumps, Ansul, Clean Agent, etc.). (780 CMR Permits)
  2. Weymouth Fire Department Tier II Plan Review (Fire Alarm, Ansul, Clean Agent, Sprinkler, BDA, etc.). Also permits to demo, alter or construct and dumpster if applicable.
  3. Contractor’s Material and Test Certificate for Aboveground Piping. (NFPA 13)
  4. Contractor’s Material and Test for Underground Piping. (NFPA 13)
  5. Contractor’s Material and Test Certificate for Aboveground and Underground Piping for Standpipes. (NFPA 14)
  6. Pump acceptance test data sheet for fire pumps. (NFPA 20) This standard requires that the acceptance should only be scheduled after the pump has gone through acceptance test by the installing contractor.
  7. Electric generator and backup generator acceptance test. The results of the required tests may be recorded on the maintenance sheet that is included with the standard NFPA 110.
  8. Record of Completion and test report for the fire detection and warning system. Items included but not limited to are the tamper and flow switches for the suppression system, pull stations, smoke detectors, heat detectors, etc. (NFPA 72) Installer or alarm service company must contact Internal Systems at (781) 340-5021 to schedule acceptance test. Include fire alarm document number on Record of Completion.
  9. Smoke control/management testing and acceptance data should be submitted prior to Certificate of Occupancy application. The documentation shall include design philosophy (including code requirements), method of testing, data from testing, and written indication of system acceptance.
  10. Certification (PE Seal and Signature) from the Registered Professional Engineer, or other legally recognized professional, responsible for the construction documents per 780 CMR, stating that the fire protection systems have been installed in accordance with applicable codes and standards, in accordance with the approved construction documents and that the record drawings indicate any deviations, if any.
  11. Stairwell floor identification signs will be inspected. See the requirements of 780 CMR and the International Building Code.
  12. Fire Safety and Evacuation Plan (in narrative form). See 527 CMR 1.00, the State Fire Prevention Regulations, and for guidance purposes, the International Fire Code.
  13. The standards in which the certificates can be found may be ordered by calling the National Fire Protection Association. The phone number for the NFPA is (617) 770-3000. The Weymouth Fire Department does not give out these forms. If you have any questions you may contact the Weymouth Fire Department, Fire Prevention Division at (781) 340-5000.