Town to Host Informational Meeting on Electronic Billboards


Town officials will host an informational meeting regarding approved and proposed electronic billboards located within the previously approved Billboard Relocation District. The meeting will be held on October 1st, 2019 beginning at 7PM in the Abigail Adams Middle School Auditorium, located at 89 Middle Street, Weymouth, MA 02189. Residents from all of Weymouth are encouraged to attend.

The Town has been working with the billboard company Cove Outdoor, LLC along with Bristol Brothers Development Corp. and Lorusso Corp. in order to facilitate the removal of billboards along Route 3A as part of the long-term beautification project for that area as well as acquire and preserve open space off of Finnell Drive.

In order to accomplish this, the Town has approved the permitting of two billboards in three locations permissible under the billboard overlay district: on the Northbound side of Route 3 at 611 Pleasant Street; on the Northbound side of Route 3 at 613 Pleasant Street; or on the Southbound Side of Route 3 off of Finnell Drive. The first of the two permitted billboards has been constructed on 611 Pleasant Street.

The Town has been working diligently to ensure that the two billboards that are constructed result in the most positive benefit for the Town. Each site has several pros and cons and the goal of this meeting is to review the plan and proposal for the construction of the second billboard. This includes a review of:

  • History & time line of the project
  • Preservation of approximately 35 acres of open space
  • Preventing the development of the open space for the construction of residential units or other large-scale developments
  • Generating revenue for the Town
  • Ways to mitigate the impacts of existing and proposed billboard(s)

Town staff, including Mayor Hedlund, the Director of Planning and Community Development, the Town Solicitor, and Program Manager, will be in attendance at the meeting to present the project update as well as answer any questions following the presentation.

Any inquiries regarding the meeting can be directed to the Town’s Program Manager at 781-682-3636 or